Sifu Why we call our teacher Sifu In the past, Chinese etiquette considered it impolite to call anyone by their first name. Even family members had their own special titles. This way of addressing others also shows their family connection. Even siblings call each other "Brother" or "Sister" rather than their given names. For the mother's side and the father's side, there is a different name for the same family relationship. This makes people's relationships very clearwithout having to explain which side of the family is being discussed. For instance, when a grandchild calls their grandfather "Ye-Ye", people would instantly know that this is their father's father. Their maternal grandfather is called, "Gong-Gong". Today, this system is still used and it creates a system of courtesy and position among family, friends and society. So when we study a Chinese skill, we call our teacher Sifu to show our respect. Being able to call a teacher Sifu in the past also meant that the teacher had accepted you to be their student.